XCOM 2 Pros & Cons

Pros of XCOM 2

  1. Engaging Tactical Combat: XCOM 2 shines with its deep, strategic turn-based combat system. Every decision matters, from troop positioning to choosing when to engage the enemy, making each victory satisfyingly hard-earned.
  2. Improved Graphics and Environments: With enhanced graphics, the game offers a more immersive experience. The environments are diverse and fully destructible, adding a layer of strategy to the combat.
  3. Modular and Dynamic Missions: The game introduces procedurally generated maps and objectives, ensuring that no two missions feel the same. This variability significantly boosts the game’s replayability.
  4. Rich Customization Options: Players can deeply customize their soldiers in terms of abilities, gear, and even appearance. This level of personalization helps in creating a closer connection to the game’s characters.
  5. Challenging Difficulty: XCOM 2 is known for its challenging gameplay. The game forces players to make tough decisions, and the high stakes of combat mean that every loss can be deeply felt.

Cons of XCOM 2

  1. Steep Learning Curve: Newcomers to the series might find XCOM 2’s complexity and challenge daunting. The game demands strategic thinking, planning, and a willingness to learn from failure.
  2. Performance Issues: Upon release, XCOM 2 was criticized for performance issues, including long loading times and frame rate drops, although subsequent updates and patches have addressed many of these concerns.
  3. RNG Dependency: As with many strategy games, XCOM 2 relies on Random Number Generators (RNG) to determine the outcome of actions. This can occasionally lead to frustrating moments where a well-planned strategy fails due to bad luck.
  4. High Difficulty May Not Appeal to All: The game’s challenging nature, while a draw for many, can be a deterrent for players looking for a more casual experience. The difficulty might feel punishing, especially for beginners.

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