War Thunder Pros & Cons


  1. Comprehensive Military Simulator: War Thunder offers a deep military simulation experience that spans air, land, and sea combat. The game shines with its detailed physics engine and historically accurate scenarios, providing a vivid recreation of warfare that appeals to enthusiasts of military strategy and history​ (​.
  2. Visual and Technical Excellence: The game boasts impressive graphics powered by the Dagor 5.0 engine, enhancing the realism of dynamic lighting and interactive environments. Whether it’s the aftermath of a plane crash or the environmental effects of warfare, each detail is meticulously rendered to immerse players fully in the action​ (​.
  3. Expansive Gameplay: Players can choose from an extensive array of aircraft, armored vehicles, and naval ships. The game supports both cooperative gameplay with AI and competitive multiplayer, offering varied tactical situations and a rich progression system​ (​.


  1. Technical Issues and Complexity: Despite its strengths, War Thunder is occasionally marred by technical problems such as authentication errors and bugs. The game’s complexity can also be daunting, with a steep learning curve due to the detailed control systems and game mechanics that may frustrate new players​ (pcgamer)​.
  2. Grinding and Progression: The progression system can feel sluggish and grindy. The game employs a tech tree that is criticized for being convoluted, with a plethora of marginal upgrades and side-branches that can hinder the progression without substantial time investment or the use of real money​ (pcgamer)​.
  3. Ground Warfare Lacks Polish: While air battles are a highlight, ground combat doesn’t always hit the same mark. Tank battles, in particular, can be slow and tedious, with realism in vehicle handling sometimes translating to less engaging gameplay​ (pcgamer)​.

Overall, War Thunder offers a rich and immersive military simulation experience that is both rewarding and challenging. While it excels in providing a comprehensive and visually stunning portrayal of combat, the game’s complexity and occasional technical issues could be a barrier for some players. Those looking for an intricate and historically detailed military game will find War Thunder a robust choice, but should be prepared for the investment of time and potentially money to fully enjoy what it offers.

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