The Top 10 Video Games Trending

Here’s a rundown of some of the most exciting and highly anticipated video games trending in 2024:

  1. Harold Halibut: A narrative game featuring stop-motion animation, set on a spaceship submerged under the ocean. Its unique visual style is one of its most notable aspects​ (​.
  2. Farthest Frontier: A detailed city-building game focused on the American frontier, offering a close look at individual progression and settlement development​ (​.
  3. Animal Well: Described as possibly the next “Spelunky,” this game promises a unique exploration and discovery experience filled with secrets​ (​.
  4. Dustborn: A story-driven action-adventure game set across a near-future America, where words can alter the narrative and combat​ (​.
  5. Flock: A cooperative multiplayer game about the joy of flight and collecting adorable creatures, emphasizing the beauty of exploring together​ (​.
  6. Destiny 2: The Final Shape: The latest expansion for Destiny 2, expected to introduce significant changes and new content​ (​.
  7. Path of Exile 2: A sequel to the beloved original, promising deep, detailed, and challenging gameplay from a studio known for its expertise in the genre​ (​.
  8. Frostpunk 2: Expands on the original’s challenging city-building and survival mechanics, introducing broader societal elements and factions​ (​.
  9. Skald: Against the Black Priory: A retro-style RPG with exceptional pixel art, set in a dark fantasy world​ (​.
  10. Hauntii: Allows players to take on the role of a ghost, navigating puzzles and combat with the ability to influence the environment​ (​.

From another source, some of the top-reviewed games of 2024 include​ (GameSpot)​:

  • Balatro: A unique blend of roguelite and poker with deep deck-building mechanics.
  • Dragon’s Dogma 2: Builds on the original with a magical open-world RPG experience.
  • Helldivers 2: An action-packed adventure with a shift to third-person perspective.
  • Persona 3: Reload: A comprehensive remake of the classic, enhancing visuals and gameplay.
  • Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown: A metroidvania with a return to 2D roots, offering refined combat and world design.

These games span a variety of genres, from action and adventure to city-building and RPGs, reflecting the diverse interests of the gaming community this year. Each game brings something unique to the table, whether it’s innovative gameplay mechanics, captivating narratives, or groundbreaking visuals, making 2024 an exciting year for video games.

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