The Names Of The Best Strategy Games Of 2024

Here are some of the best strategy games of 2024, offering a variety of gameplay experiences and settings:

  1. Solium Infernum: This game takes you to the depths of Hell, where you play as one of eight Archfiends vying for the throne left vacant by Satan. It’s a complex 4X turn-based strategy game that emphasizes political maneuvering, diplomacy, and strategic combat. Players must manage legions, conduct schemes, and engage in battles over desolate landscapes to outwit their rivals and claim ultimate power​ (pcgamer)​​ (GameWatcher)​​ (​.
  2. Outpost: Infinity Siege: Set for a February release, this game combines elements of FPS and RTS. Players control a mobile outpost and must defend against hordes of hostile creatures. The game emphasizes resource management and strategic deployment of units to survive and thrive in a hostile environment​ (pcgamer)​​ (Stealth Optional)​.
  3. Stormgate: Developed by Frost Giant Studios, this sci-fi RTS features asymmetric factions and detailed unit designs reminiscent of StarCraft. Players can expect a polished gameplay experience with a focus on strategic unit management and tactical battles across evocative maps​ (pcgamer)​.
  4. Tactical Breach Wizards: This game offers a unique twist on tactical strategy by combining modern SWAT team mechanics with magical abilities. Players lead a squad of wizards equipped with spells and kevlar, using their abilities to navigate and neutralize threats in various urban environments​ (pcgamer)​.
  5. Tempest Rising: Drawing heavy inspiration from classic Command & Conquer games, Tempest Rising features base building, asymmetric factions, and extensive campaigns. Set in a post-nuclear world, players must manage resources and engage in strategic battles to control a valuable new resource​ (pcgamer)​.
  6. Roman Empire Wars: Players step into the role of a Roman emperor, leading legions to defend and expand the empire against various enemies. The game emphasizes tactical combat, unit customization, and strategic planning to maintain Rome’s dominance​ (Gameranx)​.
  7. Barkhan: This game involves interstellar colonization and conflict, where players choose one of three factions with unique abilities and technologies. The goal is to control a resource-rich planet by leveraging the strengths of your chosen faction and outmaneuvering rivals​ (Gameranx)​.
  8. ZEPHON: Set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by mutants and aliens, players must protect humanity from extinction. The game combines survival elements with strategic planning and combat, challenging players to rebuild and defend human civilization against overwhelming odds​ (Gameranx)​​ (Stealth Optional)​.
  9. Godsworn: This mythological RTS has players commanding Pagan Warriors against the forces of Heaven during the Northern Crusades. It blends historical elements with rich mythology, providing a deep and engaging tactical experience​ (GameWatcher)​.
  10. Manor Lords: A city-building strategy game set in 14th-century Franconia. It emphasizes historical accuracy and features real-time tactical battles similar to early Total War games. Players build and manage cities, dealing with both economic and military challenges​ (GameWatcher)​.

These games represent a diverse array of strategic challenges and settings, from historical and mythological themes to futuristic and apocalyptic scenarios, catering to a wide range of strategy game enthusiasts.

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