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The Names Of The Best Auto Battler Games

Auto battler games, also known as auto chess or automated battle games, have become a popular subgenre in strategy gaming. These games combine elements of chess, card games, and tower defense, focusing on strategy over direct combat. Here’s a rundown of some of the best auto battler games available, along with their key features:

1. Dota Underlords

  • Developer: Valve Corporation
  • Platform: PC, iOS, Android
  • Release Date: June 2019
  • Features:
    • Based on the popular Dota 2 universe, featuring characters and items from the game.
    • Offers a robust cross-play system across all platforms.
    • Includes various game modes such as solo play against bots, online PvP, and a knockout mode.

2. Teamfight Tactics (TFT)

  • Developer: Riot Games
  • Platform: PC, iOS, Android
  • Release Date: June 2019
  • Features:
    • Spun off from the League of Legends universe, using its characters and themes.
    • Known for its deep strategy and regular updates that introduce new characters and rotations.
    • Features various competitive and casual game modes, including ranked play.

3. Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Platform: PC, iOS, Android
  • Release Date: November 2019
  • Features:
    • A unique take on the auto battler genre using Hearthstone’s card mechanics.
    • Features a rotating set of heroes with special abilities that influence playstyle.
    • Easy to learn but offers deep strategic layers through card synergies and hero choices.

4. Auto Chess

  • Developer: Drodo Studio
  • Platform: PC, iOS, Android
  • Release Date: January 2019
  • Features:
    • The original mod that popularized the auto battler genre, originally a custom game in Dota 2.
    • Features a wide variety of units and races/classes that offer numerous synergistic possibilities.
    • Constant updates and balance changes keep the game fresh and competitive.

5. Might & Magic: Chess Royale

  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Platform: PC, iOS, Android
  • Release Date: January 2020
  • Features:
    • Mixes traditional auto battler gameplay with battle royale elements, hosting 100 players per match.
    • Streamlined matches designed to be fast-paced and last around 10 minutes.
    • Simplified mechanics make it accessible to newcomers of the genre.

These games each offer unique twists on the auto battler formula, catering to different preferences in gameplay style, complexity, and thematic elements. Whether you’re a fan of intricate strategic planning or prefer more casual and quick matches, there’s likely an auto battler that fits your interests.


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