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The Latest Updates For MLB The Show 24 Game

The latest updates for MLB The Show 24 have brought a variety of new features and improvements to the game across several patches. Here are the highlights from the most recent updates:

  • Game Update 11 (Deployed May 31, 2024): This update added the Toronto Blue Jays City Connect uniform and introduced over 80 new props for the Stadium Creator, enhancing customization options. Additionally, a bug that caused some runs to count as two in Co-op mode was fixed, alongside various updates to commentary and presentation​ (MLB® The Show™)​.
  • Game Update 12 (Deployed June 13, 2024): Notable additions include the Minnesota Twins City Connect uniform and several gameplay adjustments. The Diamond Dynasty menu was expanded to display more rows for collected cards, and visibility improvements were made to the batter’s eye in Cairo. Additionally, a specific server issue related to replaying moments in Storylines mode was addressed. The update also included tweaks to the dynamics of foul balls, aiming to increase the frequency of swings and misses for poorly timed swings​ (MLB® The Show™)​.

These updates are part of the ongoing efforts to enhance the gameplay experience, address community feedback, and introduce new content to keep the game engaging for all players.

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