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The Latest Update In GTA Online Game

The latest update in GTA Online, known as “The Chop Shop,” was released on December 12, 2023. This update introduced a new illicit business, the Salvage Yard, where players can engage in Vehicle Robberies, participate in Drift Races, encounter new vehicles, and find animals in Freemode for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S players. The update allows players to take on new action-packed Vehicle Robberies and offers the option to either sell off stolen vehicles for immediate profit or earn money from their parts over time. Salvage Yard owners can also purchase a Tow Truck to collect abandoned cars for profit​ (GTA Base)​.

Additionally, the weekly update on April 4, 2024, introduced new Transform Races across seven new tracks, offering unique challenges where players alternate between different vehicles at checkpoints. These races come in two forms: “Known Unknown Races” with vehicles selected from a predetermined list and “Unknown Unknown Races” where the vehicle changes are completely random. The weekly update also features 3x GTA$ and RP on Bunker Research Missions, among other bonuses and discounts​ (GINX TV)​.

For more detailed information about the updates and their features, you can visit the Rockstar Games Customer Support page for the Title Update 1.68 Notes and the GINX TV article on the GTA Online Weekly Update​

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