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The Latest Update For League Of Legends Game

The latest update for League of Legends, Patch 14.9, brings various changes, particularly focusing on champion balancing. Several champions have seen adjustments to their abilities which affect their performance in game roles:

  • Aurelion Sol and Blitzcrank received nerfs, affecting Aurelion’s AP ratios and Blitzcrank’s movement speed and passive shield.
  • Evelynn, Janna, and Jinx are also nerfed, impacting Evelynn’s crowd control and ultimate damage, Janna’s damage output in exchange for better shielding, and Jinx’s ultimate cooldown.
  • Karma and Malzahar have been buffed, enhancing Karma’s crowd control and shielding capabilities and Malzahar’s mana costs and cooldowns, making him a stronger pick.
  • Seraphine sees a buff that increases her Q’s AP ratio, aiding her versatility in multiple roles.
  • Various items like Hexdrinker and Maw of Malmortius have undergone recipe and stat changes, affecting their strategic use.

These adjustments are part of the ongoing balance changes intended to refine gameplay and champion performance across various roles​ (Mobalytics)​.

For more detailed information, including the full list of changes and the implications for gameplay, you can visit the official patch notes on the League of Legends website or check detailed breakdowns such as those provided by Mobalytics​

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