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The Latest Update For Halo Infinite Game

The latest update for Halo Infinite, known as “Banished Honor”, arrived on April 30, 2024. This update introduces several key features and enhancements to the game:

  1. New Forge Additions: The update brings new elements to the Forge, allowing players more creative tools and options to build with.
  2. Game Mode Enhancements: Notably, the Firefight mode sees improvements with new AI Spawner capabilities. This allows for a more varied and challenging AI encounter setup.
  3. Weapon Adjustments and Balancing: Several weapons have undergone changes to balance gameplay better:
    • The Gravity Hammer received tuning to correct a damage bug and adjust its knockback values.
    • The Bandit Evo and M392 Bandit have increased reload speeds based on player feedback.
    • Adjustments to the VK78 Commando Rifle aim to improve handling and effectiveness.
    • The Heatwave’s aim assist has been reduced to decrease its long-range effectiveness.
    • The Stalker Rifle now requires more careful heat management and has a longer recovery time when overheated.
  4. New Content and Customization Options: Players can look forward to new cosmetic items and weapon bundles, especially themed around the Halo Championship Series teams.
  5. Resolved Issues: Several bug fixes have been implemented to enhance overall game stability and performance, addressing community-reported issues.

This update reflects ongoing efforts to enhance player experience and game balance, responding actively to community feedback. For more detailed information about this update, you can visit the official Halo Waypoint site

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