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The Latest Update For Destiny 2 Game

The latest update for “Destiny 2,” version 7.3.5, brings a series of changes and improvements across various aspects of the game. Here are the key highlights:

Weapon Adjustments

  • Submachine Guns: There’s an increase in critical hit damage by 12.5%, but a reduction in body shot damage by 3%.
  • Bows: These now have a reduced base damage by 15%.
  • Special and Heavy Weapons: Significant changes include a 20% base damage increase for trace rifles, shotguns, and fusion rifles, as well as adjustments to grenade launchers and machine guns to refine their impact and area-of-effect damage.

Ammunition Changes

  • A new system for Special ammo acquisition has been introduced, where players start with a certain amount of ammo and can earn more through gameplay actions like kills and completing objectives, rather than automatically receiving it upon respawn.

Exotic Weapon Modifications

  • Several exotic weapons such as the Fighting Lion and Devil’s Ruin have seen adjustments in their damage outputs, particularly in player-versus-player scenarios.

General Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixes have been implemented to resolve issues with weapon swapping speeds, visual bugs, and the effectiveness of certain weapon perks. This includes making sure players who have unlocked specific weapon patterns without owning certain content packs can still craft those weapons.

These updates aim to balance gameplay, enhance the user experience, and maintain fair play across all game modes. For more detailed information about the update, you can visit the official Bungie website​ (​.

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