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The Latest Update For Battlefield 2042 Game

The latest update for Battlefield 2042, Update 7.2.0, was released on May 14, 2024, and includes several significant changes and improvements. Here’s a summary of the key updates:

  1. New Weapons and Gameplay Balancing:
    • Introduction of the XFAD-4 Draugr and the DFR Strife LMG.
    • Gameplay balancing adjustments, including reduced damage from the TOW missile and Anti Vehicle Rocket Pods against armored vehicles to balance the power of attack helicopters.
  2. Vehicle and Specialist Adjustments:
    • Attack helicopters’ firepower against armored vehicles has been reduced to give ground vehicles more time to react.
    • The APS Shootdown Sentinel has been adjusted to prevent it from intercepting anti-vehicle weapons, making it more focused on infantry support.
    • Specialist MacKay’s grapple hook cooldown has been increased, and his movement speed boost while aiming down sights has been reduced to slow down the game pace.
  3. Weapon and Systemic Repair Changes:
    • Adjustments to visual weapon recoil for various weapons and scopes to improve accuracy and usability.
    • Increased repair times for vehicles to slow down the pace of vehicle combat, emphasizing the role of engineers.
    • Specific changes to vehicle damage mechanics and handling, including reduced thermal gunner range for attack helicopters and adjustments to lock-on missile performance.
  4. Miscellaneous Fixes and Improvements:
    • Numerous bug fixes, including issues with weapon visibility, alignment of iron sights, and scope glint removal.
    • Rebalancing of anti-tank mine damage and various improvements to AI, soldier behavior, and general game stability.

Additionally, a hotfix, Update 7.2.1, was released on May 21, 2024, to address issues that emerged after the 7.2.0 update.

These updates aim to enhance the overall gameplay experience, focusing on balancing, fixing bugs, and refining both vehicle and infantry combat dynamics​ (Electronic Arts Inc.)​​ (Electronic Arts Inc.)​​ (MP1st)​​ (DSOGaming)​.

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