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The Last Update For The Elder Scrolls Online Game

The Elder Scrolls Online is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a significant update known as the “Gold Road” chapter, set to release on June 3rd for PC and June 18th for consoles. This update brings a wealth of new content and features that will enrich the game experience.

Key Features of the Gold Road Update:

  • New Zone – West Weald: Players will explore the region west of Cyrodiil, known from The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. This area includes Skingrad and introduces new quests that can be standalone or linked with previous chapters like Necrom.
  • Scribing: This new system allows players to personalize skills with up to three modifiers, enhancing customization of gameplay. It’s a precursor to a more comprehensive spellcrafting system that’s expected to evolve in future updates.
  • Player Housing Enhancements: Scheduled for the third quarter of 2024, this update promises exciting new features for player housing, although specifics are yet to be revealed.
  • PvP Updates: The fourth quarter will focus on PvP content, introducing new elements that differ from the existing Cyrodiil campaigns.
  • New Companions: Two new companions will join the game, adding more depth to player interactions and combat strategies.

Special Editions and Rewards:

  • Pre-Order Bonuses: Those who pre-order will receive items such as the Welkyndstone Ruins Wolf mount, a new pet, and other in-game items.
  • Deluxe Edition: Includes exclusive rewards like the West Weald Tharriker mount, Skingrad Guard Mastiff pet, and Skingrad Vedette Armor Pack.

The update also includes various community events and promotions, reflecting the developers’ commitment to both new content and enhancing player engagement through interactive and communal activities​ (MassivelyOP)​​ (Fextralife)​.

For those interested in more detailed exploration of these features or participating in the community events, checking out the official Elder Scrolls Online website and community forums can provide additional insights and opportunities.

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