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The Last Update For Shadow Society Event Game

Gameplay and Weapon Adjustments:

  • Weapon Spawn Rates: Assault Rifle and Marksman Rifle spawn rates have been normalized to ensure a smoother looting experience and ammo economy across maps.
  • Weapon Changes: Various weapons received tweaks, such as the EVA-8 getting a tightened blast pattern and the Rampage LMG’s energize time being reduced to better match the animation.
  • Legend Upgrades: Significant changes were made to Legends, including new upgrades and adjustments to abilities. For instance, Bangalore’s smoke duration was decreased and her smoke particles now dissipate faster, while Caustic’s gas damage now increases by 1 each tick​ (Electronic Arts Inc.)​​ (MP1st)​.

Shadow Society Event Features:

  • Cosmetics: The event introduced a new set of premium cosmetics, which can be unlocked by purchasing and opening Event Packs. These include legendary and epic-tier items such as the Speakeasy Revenant and Pin Striped Seer skins. The price of Event Packs increases as more are opened, with the first pack being free if earned from the Event Shop​ (GameSpot)​.
  • Cobalt Katar and Cobalt Deathbox: Players have a chance to unlock the Cobalt Katar, a universal melee weapon, from Event Packs. The Cobalt Deathbox, a unique cosmetic for players’ deathboxes, can only be obtained after unlocking all 36 cosmetic items in the collection​ (GameSpot)​.
  • Free Rewards: Players not looking to spend can still participate in the event by earning Reputation Points through in-game challenges. These points can be used to unlock items in the Rewards Shop, including Event Packs, Apex Packs, and various cosmetics​ (GameSpot)​.

Event Duration:

The event is scheduled to run until April 16, 2024. Players interested in obtaining the unique cosmetics or participating in the new gameplay adjustments should make sure to participate before the event concludes​ (GameSpot)​.

These updates aim to enhance the gameplay experience by balancing weapon availability and Legend abilities, while also providing exciting new content for players to enjoy during the event period.

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