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The Last Update For Palworld Game

The latest update for Palworld, released on April 3, 2024, introduced significant additions and improvements to enhance gameplay. This update is particularly notable for the introduction of Palworld’s first Raid Boss, Bellanoir, which brings a new level of challenge and excitement to the game. Players can now engage with this Raid Boss by using slabs at new Summoning Altars. The Raid Bosses are very powerful and are designed such that they cannot be captured, adding a unique twist to battles.

The update also includes a range of new items and enhancements. For example, “Training Manuals” and “Ancient Technical Manuals” have been added, offering players ways to boost their Pals’ experience and acquire ancient technology points, respectively. Other practical items like “Recovery Meds” and “Homeward Thundercloud” have been added to aid in health recovery and instant transportation to bases.

Significant adjustments have been made to the user interface to improve player interaction and visibility of game statistics, including better display of captured Pals and cooldowns on partner skills. The update also brought changes to the base management system, allowing more flexibility in how Pals are managed and how items are stored and transported within the base.

In terms of balance adjustments, the update introduced minimum heat and cold resistance to various armors to aid survival in varied climates without the need to switch gear frequently. These changes, along with new buildings like the “Electric Egg Incubator” and “Ore Mining Site,” enhance the crafting and resource management aspects of the game​

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