The Last Update For Grounded Game

The “Fully Yoked” 1.4 update for the game Grounded introduces a range of exciting new features and enhancements, aimed at expanding the gameplay and enriching the player experience. Here are the key highlights from the update:

  1. Ant Queen Encounters: Players can now interact with the Ant Queens who rule over the three ant colonies. Choices made in these encounters will influence the rewards and how the colony reacts, adding depth to the game’s strategy.
  2. New Game+ Mode: This mode revamps the game’s backyard setting, introducing new challenges and a ‘remixed’ environment that changes with each playthrough. Players will face enhanced creatures and bosses, adding variety and replayability.
  3. Enhanced Equipment and Abilities: The update includes the Yoking Station where players can upgrade their weapons to new levels of strength using unique materials found in the game. Additionally, defeating enhanced creatures will yield trinkets with random properties that can boost player abilities.
  4. Improved Multiplayer Experience: The update improves multiplayer interactions by allowing hosts to load a save while in the middle of a session, ensuring a seamless transition for all players.
  5. Full Japanese Voice Overs: A full Japanese voice-over is now available, covering all major characters and narratives, enhancing the immersion for Japanese-speaking players.
  6. Additional Content: The update also introduces new achievements, mutations, and Ant Queen-related buildings, as well as adorable baby ant pets.

This update, available on all platforms including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, ensures a richer and more immersive experience for players, promoting both single and multiplayer engagements.

For more details on the update, you can visit the official Grounded update page provided by Obsidian Entertainment​ (grounded.obsidian)​.

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