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The Last Update For Freedom Planet 2 Game

Freedom Planet 2 has seen some significant updates recently, focusing on improving gameplay and character abilities.

In Update 1.2.0r, there were notable changes to Milla Basset’s abilities. The update adjusted the Cube Blaster’s damage to scale with the size of Milla’s cube, making the first five shots deal the most damage. Milla’s Super Shield Burst damage was also increased, enhancing its effectiveness against enemies. Additionally, this update made several general changes and balancing adjustments, including fixes to player-taken damage from big explosions and improvements to various stages like The Battlesphere and Robot Graveyard​ (Player One)​.

Prior to that, Update 1.1.9r brought speed improvements to Neera, another main character. Her Spear Drive ability received a speed increase, and her multi-hit attacks were adjusted to land more successfully on enemies. This update also introduced a new item called the Petal Armor, which increases the player’s invincibility time after getting hit without a shield. General changes in this update included adjustments to rival bosses, interaction mechanisms with crush zones, and the addition of new items for sale by Chloe​ (Player One)​.

These updates aim to enhance the gameplay experience by addressing community feedback and balancing character abilities for a more enjoyable game

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