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The Last Update For Flint: Treasure of Oblivion Game

The game ” ” is set to be a turn-based tactical RPG steeped in the lore of piracy, announced for release in Q4 2024 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The game is developed by Savage Level and published by Microids, promising a blend of adventure and strategic depth through its gameplay mechanics. Inspired by the classic narrative of “Treasure Island,” the game invites players to join Captain Flint and his crew in a quest for a legendary treasure that promises freedom and fortune. It’s described as a double-A game that combines elements of role-playing and board games, notably incorporating dice rolls into its turn-based combat system. Each crew member brings unique skills to the table, and players will need to adapt their strategies to succeed in their quests.

The game’s narrative is presented in a comic book style, featuring speech bubbles, onomatopoeia, and dynamic comic strips, which aims to immerse players in a historically accurate pirate adventure with a touch of fantasy. Players can expect to explore diverse environments, from the French city of Saint-Malo to the exotic landscapes of Central America, all rendered in Unreal Engine 5. The game also promises to incorporate historical elements such as language, costumes, and weapons to enhance the authenticity of the piracy world it recreates

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