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Tha Last Update For Sons Of The Forest Game

The latest updates in “Sons of the Forest” have introduced several notable features and improvements across different aspects of the game.

In the recent Patch 10, the game has seen significant enhancements in building mechanics, like the ability to construct corner ramps, stone floors, and wooden railings. There’s also a new enemy type, Frank, who introduces a unique challenge by setting himself on fire near players. The AI of enemies has been upgraded, with certain cannibals now acting as leaders wearing gold masks, guiding others during raids​ (EIP Gaming)​.

Patch 11 continued to expand the game’s content and systems. It introduced a new spear-throwing cannibal type named Eddy, new cave areas, and significant revisions to the game’s electricity system, which now requires large batteries to power various structures and defenses at night. Additionally, a new cutscene was added, enhancing the narrative experience​ (The Nerd Stash)​.

These updates are part of a broader effort to enrich the gameplay experience and provide players with more content and improved mechanics as they navigate the survival challenges of the game.

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