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Super Mario Odyssey Pros & Cons


Innovative Gameplay Mechanics: One of the most lauded aspects of Super Mario Odyssey is its gameplay, particularly the introduction of Cappy, Mario’s sentient hat. This new mechanic allows players to take control of various characters and objects, adding a fresh layer of strategy and creativity to the traditional platforming elements of the series. The ability to possess enemies and utilize their unique abilities to solve puzzles and navigate the environment is both innovative and engaging.

Vibrant and Diverse Worlds: The kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey are vast, each with its distinct theme, challenges, and characters. From the urban landscape of New Donk City to the surreal Luncheon Kingdom, the variety in environments keeps the exploration exciting and rewarding. The attention to detail in each kingdom’s design contributes to an immersive experience that captivates players.

Exceptional Soundtrack: The game’s soundtrack deserves special mention for its ability to enhance the overall experience. Each kingdom has its own musical theme that perfectly complements its aesthetic, from the jazzy tunes of New Donk City to the serene melodies of the Seaside Kingdom. The soundtrack not only adds to the ambiance but also invigorates the gameplay.

Rewarding Exploration: Super Mario Odyssey encourages exploration, with hidden moons and secrets scattered throughout each kingdom. The game strikes a balance between guiding the player and allowing for open-ended exploration, making every discovery feel rewarding. The plethora of moons to collect ensures that players have plenty to do beyond the main storyline.


Uneven Difficulty Curve: While Super Mario Odyssey is accessible to players of all skill levels, some have noted an uneven difficulty curve. Certain sections of the game can feel surprisingly easy, while others spike in difficulty, potentially leading to moments of frustration. This inconsistency can interrupt the flow of gameplay for some players.

Motion Control Quirks: The game incorporates motion controls for certain actions, and while they generally work well, they can be imprecise at times. Players without access to motion controls, such as those using the Switch in handheld mode, may find these sections more challenging or less enjoyable.

Underutilized Multiplayer: Super Mario Odyssey offers a two-player mode where the second player controls Cappy. However, this mode often feels like an afterthought, with limited engagement for the second player. This underutilization of multiplayer potential is a missed opportunity for cooperative play.

Repetitive Elements: Some players may find certain aspects of the game, particularly the need to collect a large number of moons, repetitive over time. While the diversity of the kingdoms mitigates this to an extent, the sheer volume of collectibles can be overwhelming, leading to a sense of monotony in later stages of the game.


Super Mario Odyssey is a standout title in the Mario series, offering a blend of innovative gameplay, diverse worlds, and engaging challenges. While it shines in its creativity and exploration, it is not without its flaws, such as an uneven difficulty curve and underutilized multiplayer. Nonetheless, the game’s strengths far outweigh its shortcomings, making it a must-play for both longtime fans of the series and newcomers alike. Super Mario Odyssey stands as a testament to Nintendo’s ability to continually reinvent and enrich the Mario universe, ensuring its enduring appeal.

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