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Starfield Pros & Cons

Pros of Starfield

1. Immense Open World Exploration “Starfield” sets itself apart with a massive universe that players can explore. Featuring over a thousand planets across different star systems, each with its own environment and potential for discovery, the game pushes the boundaries of scale in open-world design. This unprecedented level of exploration taps into the core of what many gamers love about Bethesda: the freedom to explore at will.

2. Rich Storytelling and Deep Lore Bethesda games are renowned for their deep lore and “Starfield” is no exception. With a backdrop set about 300 years in the future, the game weaves a narrative involving various factions, space colonization, and humanity’s place in the universe. The storyline promises to be as engaging and intricate as the beloved tales from Bethesda’s previous titles.

3. Customization and Player Choice “Starfield” offers extensive customization options, from character creation to spaceship design. This level of personalization extends to gameplay, with players’ choices significantly impacting their journey and the broader storyline. Such features ensure a unique experience for each player, emphasizing replayability.

4. Innovative Space Travel and Combat The game introduces mechanics for space travel and combat, aiming to deliver a realistic and thrilling experience. Players can pilot their own spacecrafts, engage in battles, and navigate through cosmic phenomena, adding layers of excitement and challenge.

Cons of Starfield

1. Technical Issues and Bugs As with many large-scale Bethesda games, “Starfield” has encountered criticism for bugs and technical glitches. Early versions of the game have shown issues that detract from the immersive experience, an ongoing concern that Bethesda needs to address through patches and updates.

2. Overwhelming Scale The vastness of “Starfield” might be a double-edged sword. Some players have reported feeling overwhelmed by the sheer size and scope of the universe. With thousands of planets, the quality of content on each can vary, potentially leading to a quantity over quality issue for some.

3. High System Requirements “Starfield” is a graphically intensive game that demands high hardware specifications, particularly for PC players. This can limit accessibility for players without the latest gaming setups, potentially alienating a segment of the gaming community.

4. Steep Learning Curve The complexity of managing space travel, combat, and the wide array of customization options can be daunting for new players or those not familiar with Bethesda’s style of expansive RPGs. The learning curve may discourage some from fully engaging with all aspects of the game.


“Starfield” is a monumental game that aims to redefine the boundaries of the space RPG genre. While it excels in creating a vast, explorable universe filled with rich narratives and player-driven experiences, it is not without its faults, such as technical issues and the potential for overwhelming its audience. However, for those willing to navigate its complexities and occasional glitches, “Starfield” offers a universe brimming with possibilities and adventures, setting a new benchmark for what is possible in video gaming.

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