Star Wars Outlaws Pros & Cons


  1. Open World Exploration: Set in the iconic Star Wars universe, “Star Wars Outlaws” allows players to explore various planets and engage with a diverse array of characters and environments, offering a sense of vastness and adventure​ (Game Informer)​​ (pcgamer)​.
  2. Robust Multiplayer Mode: The game includes a well-developed multiplayer component, enhancing replayability through cooperative and competitive modes that let players explore the galaxy together or challenge each other​ (GameScribeDaily)​.
  3. Rich Narrative and Diverse Characters: The storyline is engaging, featuring complex characters like Kay Vess and a variety of criminal syndicates that deepen the plot and gameplay experience​ (Game Informer)​​ (pcgamer)​.
  4. Dynamic Gameplay: Players can navigate different strategies and styles of play, from stealth to direct combat, influenced by their reputation with various factions within the game​ (Game Informer)​.


  1. Performance Issues: Some players have reported bugs and performance issues, particularly on older hardware, which can detract from the immersive experience​ (GameScribeDaily)​.
  2. Complex Control Scheme: The game’s control system, while innovative, has a steep learning curve which might be overwhelming for new players​ (GameScribeDaily)​.
  3. Predictable Side Missions: Although the main missions are compelling, some side missions can feel repetitive and lack the creativity of the central storyline​ (GameScribeDaily)​.
  4. Limited Exploration: Despite being set in an open world, the game sometimes restricts players to more linear paths, which can limit the exploration aspect expected in such a vast universe​ (GameScribeDaily)​.
  5. Microtransactions: The game includes microtransactions for cosmetic and potentially game-enhancing items, which has raised concerns about a “pay-to-win” scenario​ (GameScribeDaily)​.

Overall, “Star Wars Outlaws” presents a thrilling addition to the Star Wars video game collection, offering deep narratives and versatile gameplay. However, it has areas that could be improved, especially concerning performance and gameplay mechanics. Whether you are a die-hard Star Wars fan or a newcomer to the series, the game offers a mix of exciting highs and some forgivable lows​ (GameScribeDaily)​.

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