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Shin Megami Tensei 5: Vengeance Pros & Cons


  1. Enhanced Storyline and Routes: Vengeance introduces new narrative paths such as the Canon of Vengeance, which diverges early in the game, offering players fresh perspectives and choices. This route, alongside the original, adds depth with major characters, plot twists, and distinct scenarios, providing an enriched narrative experience​ (pcgamer)​.
  2. Gameplay and Mechanics: The game features refined battle systems and the new ‘Demon Haunt’ mechanic, where players can interact with their demons to boost stats, although this feature has received mixed reviews for its repetitiveness​ (RPG Site)​. Strategic combat is enhanced with the Press Turn system, rewarding players for tactical engagements with extra turns and strategic advantages​ (pcgamer)​.
  3. Content Richness: There are additional quests, bosses, and demon types that expand gameplay options and provide extensive replayability. The game also offers a virtual trainer for boss-rush modes and adjustments to demon negotiations, making the tactical component more engaging​ (RPG Site)​.
  4. Accessibility and Difficulty Settings: Vengeance is approachable with its difficulty settings that cater to a range of players, from casual to hardcore, enhancing its accessibility without compromising on challenge​ (pcgamer)​.


  1. Performance Issues: On platforms like the Nintendo Switch, the game struggles with performance, exhibiting issues like asset pop-in and fuzzy resolutions. While it operates adequately at 30 FPS, it doesn’t leverage the full potential of more powerful hardware, suggesting a better experience on other platforms for those concerned with visual fidelity​ (Nintendo Life)​.
  2. Demon Haunt Mechanic: The Demon Haunt feature, despite its innovative intent, tends to become tedious due to frequent interruptions for demon interactions, which some players might find more annoying than beneficial​ (RPG Site)​.
  3. Potential Overfamiliarity: For those deeply familiar with the original game, the Canon of Vengeance, despite its new elements, may not feel entirely fresh as it revisits many of the same locations and scenarios, potentially leading to a sense of redundancy​ (RPG Site)​.

Conclusion: “Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance” stands out as a significant enhancement over its predecessor, bringing meaningful improvements and exciting new content. While it excels in narrative depth and gameplay complexity, it faces some drawbacks in terms of performance and repetitive new features. Nonetheless, it remains a compelling pick for RPG enthusiasts, particularly those who enjoy a deep, strategic combat system intertwined with a rich, choice-driven narrative.

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