Tekken 8 Pros & Cons

Pros of Tekken 8

  1. Enhanced Visuals and Animation: Tekken 8 boasts stunning graphics and luxurious animations that make each combat sequence a visual delight. The detailed environments and character models add a rich layer of immersion to the fighting experience​ (TechRadar)​​ (Shacknews)​.
  2. Intuitive Combat System: The game maintains its classic ‘two punch and two kick buttons’ system, which simplifies learning how a character functions while still allowing depth through its ‘Heat’ and ‘Rage’ systems. These new mechanics offer strategic layers with opportunities for devastating combos or defensive plays​ (gamesradar)​​ (GAMINGbible)​.
  3. Inclusive for New Players: With the introduction of the ‘Special Style’ control scheme, new players can execute combos with ease, making the game more accessible. Yet, this system also provides depth for experienced players to explore and master​ (Shacknews)​.
  4. Robust Online Play: Tekken 8 features improved netcode, ensuring smooth online experiences even under less than ideal internet conditions. The game offers a variety of online modes, including ranked matches and casual setups, providing something for every type of player​ (Shacknews)​.
  5. Diverse Game Modes: Beyond traditional fighting, Tekken 8 includes several engaging modes like ‘Arcade Quest’ and ‘Super Ghost Battle’, which allow players to improve their skills against AI that learns from their playstyle. The game also features a rich story mode that progresses the longstanding saga of the Mishima family​ (TechRadar)​​ (GAMINGbible)​.

Cons of Tekken 8

  1. Complexity Can Be Daunting: Despite efforts to accommodate newcomers, Tekken 8’s depth and variety can be overwhelming at first. The multitude of characters, each with unique moves and tactics, may require significant time to learn and master​ (TechRadar)​.
  2. Story Mode Pacing: Some players might find the pacing of the story mode, ‘The Dark Awakens’, a bit slow. While it aims to be cinematic, its progression can feel sluggish, which might detract from the overall excitement of the narrative​ (TechRadar)​.
  3. Limited Novelty in Some Modes: While the game introduces new and fun modes, not all might have lasting appeal. Modes like ‘Tekken Ball’ may offer a fun diversion but could quickly feel repetitive or gimmicky to some players​ (GAMINGbible)​.


Tekken 8 is a significant entry in the series that successfully blends traditional Tekken gameplay with new innovations to keep the franchise fresh and exciting. While it excels in visuals, combat mechanics, and inclusivity, it also presents challenges in complexity and pacing that might not appeal to everyone. For enthusiasts of the fighting game genre, however, Tekken 8 offers a compelling experience that is both rewarding and enjoyable, securing its place as a must-play title in modern gaming.

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