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Persona 3: Reload Pros & Cons


  1. Enhanced Visuals and Atmosphere: The game has received a significant visual overhaul, making it one of the best-looking entries in the series. The distinctive use of the color blue enhances the aesthetic appeal, contributing to a more immersive experience.
  2. Improved Gameplay Mechanics: The combat system incorporates elements from “Persona 5,” introducing Theurgy special moves that add depth to battles. Additionally, dungeon navigation is less repetitive, with more engaging exploratory elements in Tartarus.
  3. Quality-of-Life Enhancements: Numerous updates make the game more user-friendly, such as the ability to save anywhere and more interactive camera controls. These changes make for a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience.
  4. Exceptional Audio: The soundtrack, while maintaining the essence of the original, introduces new compositions that enhance the overall atmosphere of the game. Both the original Japanese and the new English dub casts deliver strong performances that breathe life into the characters.
  5. Extended Content: The game expands on the original’s narrative and settings, providing new quests and activities that enrich the world of “Persona 3.”


  1. Balance Issues: Some aspects of the new combat mechanics, like the Theurgy moves, can feel unbalanced. Certain characters may become significantly more powerful than others, leading to inconsistent difficulty levels.
  2. Nostalgic Elements Missed: While the remake introduces many enhancements, it omits some beloved features from earlier versions, such as the option to play as a female protagonist or the inclusion of “The Answer” epilogue. This has left some long-time fans missing parts of what made the original game special.
  3. Price Point: The game comes with a relatively high price tag, which might be a deterrent for some players considering the investment.
  4. Atmospheric Shifts: Some new cutscenes and visual changes have altered the mood of the game slightly, which might not resonate with all fans of the original’s darker tones.

Conclusion “Persona 3 Reload” successfully modernizes a classic, blending nostalgic elements with contemporary enhancements to deliver a fresh yet familiar experience. Despite some balance issues and missed opportunities to include cherished features, the game stands out as a must-play title for both newcomers and series veterans. Its stunning visuals, improved gameplay, and enriched content offer substantial value, making it a commendable remake in the “Persona” series.

Overall, “Persona 3 Reload” is celebrated for its significant upgrades but also noted for areas where it could have better bridged the gap between old and new​

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