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Overwatch 2 Pros & Cons

Pros of Overwatch 2

  1. Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics: Overwatch 2 retains the thrilling, objective-based gameplay of the original but enhances it with faster, more dynamic match flows due to the new 5v5 format.
  2. New Content: The addition of new heroes, maps, and a game mode enriches the game, providing fresh strategies and playstyles.
  3. Free-to-Play Model: Transitioning to a free-to-play model, the game offers accessibility to new players, with cosmetic items primarily making up the paywall content.
  4. Improved Progression System: The replacement of loot boxes with a Battle Pass and in-game challenges offers a more direct and rewarding progression system.

Cons of Overwatch 2

  1. Incremental Updates: Some players and critics feel the updates are more iterative than revolutionary, lacking the significant overhauls expected in a sequel.
  2. Monetization Concerns: The shift to a free-to-play model brings concerns about monetization, particularly with essential content like new heroes locked behind higher Battle Pass levels.
  3. Barrier to Entry for New Players: New players must unlock original heroes by playing numerous matches, which can be daunting and time-consuming.


Overwatch 2 evolves the beloved franchise with significant updates and a shift in the gameplay structure that could appeal to both veterans and newcomers. However, its transition to a free-to-play model and the extensive commitment required to unlock all features may not sit well with everyone. Despite these concerns, Overwatch 2 offers a solid gameplay experience that builds on the foundations of its successful predecessor.

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