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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Pros & Cons


  • Engaging Combat System: Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth expands on its RPG elements with intricate turn-based combat that encourages strategic positioning and teamwork. The game introduces a variety of RPG jobs with unique abilities, enhancing the depth and enjoyment of battles. Characters can utilize the environment, like using nearby objects as weapons, adding a layer of tactical fun to the fights​ (gamesradar)​.
  • Rich Content and Mini-Games: The game is packed with content, featuring a wide array of mini-games and side quests. One notable addition is the Sujimon quest, a parody of Pokémon where players can capture and battle with unique characters. This mini-game alone provides a deep layer of strategy and fun, showcasing the game’s blend of humor and RPG mechanics​ (Windows Central)​.
  • Dramatic and Humorous Storyline: The narrative mixes deep, emotional storylines with absurd humor, maintaining the signature Yakuza series blend of serious and comedic elements. The story provides both heartwarming and hilarious moments, keeping players engaged throughout​ (​.


  • Uneven Mini-Game Quality: While the game boasts a plethora of mini-games, not all are created equal. Some might feel underdeveloped or less engaging compared to others, which can be a hit or miss depending on the player’s interests​ (Windows Central)​.
  • Complexity and Length: The vast amount of content, while generally a positive, can also be daunting. The game demands a significant time investment, which might not appeal to everyone. This complexity extends to its story, which is rich and layered but can feel overwhelming due to its length and the number of characters involved​ (gamesradar)​.

Overall, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is a standout RPG that offers a rich blend of strategic combat, compelling storytelling, and a vast array of content that can keep players engaged for hours. However, its sprawling nature and uneven mini-game execution might not appeal to everyone, particularly those looking for a more streamlined or less time-consuming experience.

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