League of Legends Update

The latest update for League of Legends is Patch 14.5, and it brings a variety of changes to the game. Key highlights include adjustments to various champions, with some receiving buffs to enhance their gameplay, while others have been nerfed to maintain balance within the game.

Significant champion changes include:

  • Bel’Veth has received a nerf, particularly to her E damage reduction.
  • Brand sees a mixed adjustment with an increase in passive damage to monsters, aimed at bolstering his support and mid roles, albeit with a longer cooldown and reduced damage on his Ultimate.
  • Evelynn’s Q damage has been reduced.
  • Jarvan IV benefits from a buff with increased armor growth and a reduced cooldown on his Q, improving his tankiness and utility in lane and the jungle.
  • Kayn enjoys a buff with increased passive healing through Darkin and enhanced Ultimate healing in Darkin form.

There are also changes to items, with modifications aimed at fine-tuning the game’s balance:

  • Celestial Opposition sees a cooldown reduction and an increased slow effect.
  • Frozen Heart now comes with a higher price tag and offers less armor.
  • Spear of Shojin has been adjusted to grant only 1 stack per spell cast, and damage from champion passives no longer grants stacks.

These adjustments are part of Riot Games’ continuous efforts to keep the gameplay experience fresh and balanced. For detailed information on all the changes, including specific stat adjustments and the impact on the game’s meta, you can visit the official League of Legends Patch Notes​​​​.

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