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Last Epoch Pros & Cons

Pros of “Last Epoch”

  1. Deep Character Customization: “Last Epoch” excels in its character development system. Players can choose from several base classes, each of which can evolve into one of several subclasses. This system, coupled with a vast skill tree and the ability to modify individual skills through specialized skill trees, allows for highly personalized character builds.
  2. Innovative Time Travel Mechanic: The game’s narrative revolves around time travel, which is not just a story element but also integrated into the gameplay. Players can shift between different eras to influence events and change the state of the game world, adding a layer of strategic depth not commonly seen in ARPGs.
  3. Engaging Endgame Content: Unlike many ARPGs where the game might feel repetitive after the main campaign, “Last Epoch” offers a robust endgame system. This includes time dungeons, specialized challenges, and high-reward boss fights that keep the game fresh and engaging long after the main story concludes.
  4. Frequent Updates and Responsive Dev Team: Eleventh Hour Games is known for its active engagement with the community and frequent updates that add new content and balance existing features. This responsiveness has helped the game steadily improve and adapt to player feedback.

Cons of “Last Epoch”

  1. Performance Issues: As with many games in early access, “Last Epoch” suffers from performance problems on certain systems. Players have reported issues with framerate drops, particularly in areas with intense action or lots of entities on the screen.
  2. Visuals and Animations: While functional, the graphics and animations in “Last Epoch” are not on par with some of the more visually striking games in the genre. The environmental and character designs sometimes lack the polish seen in more mainstream titles, which might detract from immersion for some players.
  3. Complex Systems Can Be Overwhelming: The depth of the game’s systems, while a strength, can also be a barrier. New players might find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices and the complexity of the mechanics, including the intricate skill trees and crafting system.
  4. Limited Multiplayer Features: Currently, “Last Epoch” does not support full multiplayer modes, which is a significant drawback for players who prefer cooperative or competitive play. The developers have promised multiplayer features in the future, but as of now, the game is a largely solo experience.


“Last Epoch” offers a rich and engaging experience for fans of ARPGs with its deep customization options and innovative gameplay mechanics. However, it’s important for potential players to be aware of its early access nature and some of the issues that come with it, such as performance hiccups and a lack of multiplayer options. Overall, if you are a fan of the genre and can look past some rough edges, “Last Epoch” promises a rewarding and evolving adventure through time.


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