Human: Fall Flat Pros & Cons

Human: Fall Flat – An In-depth Review

Human: Fall Flat is a physics-based puzzle platformer that has charmed many with its quirky gameplay and unique challenges. Playing as Bob, a character navigating through dreamscapes filled with puzzles, players are tasked with utilizing physics to advance through levels. The game’s simple control scheme, combined with the need for creative problem-solving, provides a distinctive gaming experience. However, like any game, it comes with its share of pros and cons.


  1. Puzzle Complexity and Creativity: The puzzles in Human: Fall Flat are designed to stretch your brain, encouraging players to think outside the box. The game’s open areas allow for multiple solutions to challenges, adding depth to its gameplay​ (GAMINGTREND)​.
  2. Control Scheme and Interaction: Controls are straightforward, offering both joys and limitations. The ability to control Bob’s arms independently and interact with the game world adds a layer of engagement and satisfaction when puzzles are solved​ (GameSpew)​.
  3. Art Direction and Level Design: The game features eight different levels, each with a unique theme and set of challenges. The simplistic art direction and clear level boundaries contribute to the surreal nature of Bob’s dreamscapes, focusing players’ attention on the interactive world and puzzles​ (GameSpew)​.


  1. Camera Movement: One significant drawback of the game is its camera movement, which can be jarring and lead to motion sickness. The challenge of controlling the camera, especially during precise actions, can detract from the overall experience​ (GAMINGTREND)​.
  2. Lack of Precision: Despite the game’s engaging control mechanics, the precision of controls can sometimes fall short, particularly during complex actions or when spatial awareness is crucial. This can lead to moments of frustration and reliance on chance rather than logic​ (GameSpew)​.
  3. Story and Replayability: Human: Fall Flat has a minimal story, which might leave players wanting more narrative depth. While the game does offer replayability through its sandbox nature and the possibility of finding different solutions to puzzles, the limited number of levels and occasional frustration might deter players from revisiting the game after completion​ (GAMINGTREND)​​ (GameSpew)​.

In summary, Human: Fall Flat offers an inventive and engaging experience through its physics-based puzzles and unique gameplay mechanics. The game shines in its ability to encourage creative problem-solving and provides memorable moments through its level design and control scheme. However, the experience can sometimes be marred by issues with camera movement and control precision, as well as a lack of narrative depth and limited replay value. Despite these drawbacks, Human: Fall Flat remains a noteworthy title for those looking for a distinctive and challenging puzzle platformer.

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