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Horizon Forbidden West™ Complete Edition Pros & Cons


Comprehensive Content:

The Complete Edition offers an extensive array of content, including the full base game, any existing expansions, bonus materials, and often exclusive items or abilities not available in the standard version. This wealth of content ensures that players have access to the fullest experience possible, with extended gameplay hours and additional storylines.

Enhanced Features and Improvements:

Typically, a Complete Edition incorporates various game updates, patches, and quality-of-life improvements that have been rolled out since the original release. This can result in smoother gameplay, fewer bugs, and a more polished overall experience, enhancing player enjoyment and immersion.


For players who have not yet purchased the base game, the Complete Edition can offer significant value. It bundles the original game with all additional content at a price that is often more cost-effective than purchasing each component separately.

Additional Storylines and Quests:

Expansions included in the Complete Edition can significantly expand the narrative and lore of the game, introducing new characters, environments, and story arcs that enrich the overall world and deepen the player’s engagement with the game’s universe.


Overwhelming for Newcomers:

For those new to Horizon Forbidden West, the sheer amount of content in the Complete Edition can be overwhelming. The additional quests, items, and features might distract from the main storyline, potentially complicating the learning curve for newcomers.

Possible Redundancy for Existing Owners:

Players who already own the base game and have purchased previous DLCs may find the Complete Edition less appealing. The cost of upgrading to the Complete Edition might not be justified if a significant portion of the content is already owned.

Storage and Download Size:

The Complete Edition, with its extensive content, can be sizable in terms of storage requirements. Players with limited hard drive space or internet bandwidth might find the download size and installation process to be cumbersome.

Delayed Release:

Complete Editions typically come out some time after the initial release of the base game. Fans who purchased the original game at launch might feel disadvantaged, having paid potentially more for the base game and DLCs separately, without the enhancements and consolidations offered by the Complete Edition.

In summary, Horizon Forbidden West™ Complete Edition represents a comprehensive and immersive experience for those looking to dive into the world of Horizon for the first time or for returning players wanting the most complete version of the game. While it offers great value and improved features, it’s important to weigh these benefits against the potential downsides, such as overwhelming content for newcomers and redundancy for those who have already invested in the earlier versions of the game.

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