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Guild Wars 2 Pros & Cons

Pros of Guild Wars 2

  1. Dynamic Event System: Unlike many MMORPGs that rely on static quests, “Guild Wars 2” introduces a dynamic event system that changes the game environment based on player actions. This system makes the world feel alive and responsive, as players’ choices have real consequences which can affect the game world in significant ways.
  2. No Subscription Fee: After purchasing the game, players can enjoy “Guild Wars 2” without a monthly subscription fee, a major plus compared to other games in the genre. This approach allows players to come and go as they please without feeling financial pressure to get their money’s worth each month.
  3. Flexible Leveling System: The game features a leveling system that adjusts player levels based on the area they are exploring. This means high-level players can play with friends just starting out without overpowering the content, making the game more inclusive and socially rewarding.
  4. Visually Stunning: “Guild Wars 2” boasts impressive graphics with a distinctive art style that stands out in the crowded MMORPG market. The game’s aesthetic is not just beautiful but also diverse, ranging from lush forests to stark wastelands, drawing players into its immersive world.
  5. Innovative Combat: The combat system in “Guild Wars 2” is more active and requires strategic movement, dodging, and skill usage, which is a departure from the traditional tab-targeting system found in many other MMORPGs. This makes combat feel more engaging and skill-based.

Cons of Guild Wars 2

  1. Complex User Interface: New players might find the user interface and number of systems in “Guild Wars 2” overwhelming. The game has a steep learning curve with little structured guidance, which can be off-putting for those not used to MMORPGs or looking for a more straightforward experience.
  2. Lack of Traditional Endgame: Unlike other MMORPGs, “Guild Wars 2” doesn’t focus on raiding as the primary endgame content, which might disappoint players who enjoy that type of challenge. While there are endgame activities like fractals and raids, the emphasis is less pronounced, which could be seen as a lack of depth by some.
  3. Storytelling Variability: While the lore and world-building are generally praised, the quality of storytelling in “Guild Wars 2” can be inconsistent. Some story arcs and characters are engaging and well-developed, while others might feel underwhelming or lacking in impact.
  4. Economic Imbalances: The in-game economy can sometimes feel unbalanced, particularly concerning the acquisition of cosmetic items and gear. Some players feel that too much grinding or real-money investment is required to obtain certain prestigious items.
  5. Performance Issues: Players with older PCs might experience performance issues given the game’s demanding graphics. Despite optimization updates, dense player areas and large-scale events can lead to framerate drops and lag.


“Guild Wars 2” stands as a notable example of innovation in the MMORPG genre, offering a unique blend of dynamic gameplay, stunning visuals, and a player-friendly economic model. However, its complexity and unconventional approach to the endgame content might not appeal to everyone. Ultimately, “Guild Wars 2” offers a refreshing take on traditional MMORPG elements, making it a worthy consideration for those looking for something different in the genre.

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