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Final Fantasy VII Remake And Rebirth Twin Pack Pros & Cons


  1. Enhanced Graphics and Audio:
    The Twin Pack showcases dramatically enhanced visuals and fully orchestrated audio tracks that breathe new life into the world of Final Fantasy VII. The character models and environmental textures are incredibly detailed, providing a much more immersive experience than the original.

  2. Expanded Storytelling:
    Both games expand on the original storyline, adding depth to the characters and the world. “Remake” starts the journey with expanded lore, while “Rebirth” continues the narrative with new twists and deeper explorations of character backstories, providing a richer narrative experience.

  3. Revamped Combat System:
    Moving away from the traditional turn-based system, these games introduce a real-time combat system that blends strategic, command-based combat with real-time action, allowing players more fluid and dynamic control over battles.

  4. Rich Content:
    Both titles offer a plethora of side quests, mini-games, and additional content that extend gameplay hours and enrich the game world.


  1. Pacing Issues:
    Some players might find the pacing uneven at times, particularly in “Remake”, where certain sections of the game can feel stretched to extend playtime. This might affect the overall engagement for players who prefer a more tightly paced narrative.

  2. Change in Game Mechanics:
    Longtime fans of the original Final Fantasy VII might struggle with the shift to real-time combat, which marks a significant departure from the classic turn-based system. This could be seen as alienating to purists who cherished the original gameplay style.

  3. Episodic Format:
    The decision to release the remake as multiple parts might not sit well with everyone. Players have to wait for subsequent releases to experience the complete story, which can be frustrating for those eager to see the full narrative unfold immediately.

  4. Hardware Requirements:
    With high-quality graphics and audio, the games demand robust hardware to run smoothly, potentially limiting access for players without the latest gaming consoles or PCs.

The “Final Fantasy VII Remake and Rebirth Twin Pack” is a must-have for fans of the franchise and newcomers alike. It successfully modernizes a classic, enhancing its visual and auditory presentation while expanding its story. However, changes in gameplay mechanics and the episodic release structure may not appeal to all. Despite its few drawbacks, this Twin Pack offers a compelling reason to revisit or jump into the world of Final Fantasy VII, promising dozens of hours of high-quality entertainment.

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