Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Pros & CONS


  1. Engrossing Story and Character Development: The narrative of “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth” is compelling, with rich character arcs and an expanded storyline that honors the original while introducing new elements that add depth to the game’s world.
  2. Enhanced Combat System: Building upon the successful formula of its predecessor, the game features an improved combat system that is both dynamic and strategic, offering players a satisfying blend of real-time action and tactical decision-making.
  3. Stunning Visuals and Iconic Locations: The game boasts impressive graphics, with beautifully rendered characters and environments. Iconic locations from the original game are reimagined with great detail, providing a sense of nostalgia alongside a fresh perspective.
  4. Outstanding Music: The soundtrack is exceptional, featuring a mix of new compositions and reimagined classic themes that enhance the emotional and dramatic moments throughout the game.


  1. Open World and Pacing Issues: Some critics have pointed out that the open-world aspect of the game can feel bloated and tedious at times, with repetitive objectives and side quests that may detract from the main narrative’s pacing.
  2. Visual Inconsistencies: While the game generally looks great, there have been reports of inconsistent visuals, particularly with environmental textures and performance issues in certain modes, which can mar the overall aesthetic experience.
  3. Dependence on Previous Installment: The story heavily relies on players having played “Final Fantasy VII Remake,” which might confuse newcomers or those not intimately familiar with the lore and events of the previous game.
  4. Lengthy and Sometimes Unnecessary Side Content: The game features an abundance of side quests and mini-games that, while often enjoyable, can sometimes feel like padding, stretching out the game’s length without significant contributions to the main storyline.

In conclusion, “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth” is a lovingly crafted sequel that strikes a chord with fans of the original and newcomers alike, despite some criticisms regarding its open-world design and visual inconsistencies. Its strengths in storytelling, combat, and audio-visual presentation make it a worthy successor in the Final Fantasy VII saga, promising an unforgettable journey through the expanded lore of one of gaming’s most cherished franchises​​​​.

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