EA Sports FC 24 Pros & Cons

Pros of EA Sports FC 24

1. Enhanced Graphics and Realism: EA Sports FC 24 pushes the envelope with incredibly realistic graphics and animations. The player models and stadiums have been overhauled, providing a visual feast that mirrors the excitement of real-world football. The attention to detail in the character animations and the environment makes each match feel like a broadcasted game.

2. Expanded Licensing: One of the most significant advantages of EA Sports FC 24 is its expanded licensing agreements. Players can enjoy a more extensive roster of clubs, leagues, and national teams, including some previously unavailable in FIFA games. This expansion allows for a more inclusive and global representation of football.

3. Advanced AI and Gameplay Mechanics: The game introduces advanced AI that challenges even the most skilled players. The AI opponents adapt to your gameplay style, making tactical decisions that keep you on your toes. Additionally, the revamped dribbling and passing mechanics offer a more intuitive and responsive control system, enhancing the overall fluidity of play.

4. Innovative Game Modes: EA Sports FC 24 features new and innovative game modes that extend beyond traditional match play. These include a revamped career mode, where players can not only manage but also live out the life of an up-and-coming football star. The introduction of street football modes adds a fun and casual alternative to the standard 11v11 gameplay.

Cons of EA Sports FC 24

1. Microtransactions: A persistent issue that has carried over from previous titles is the heavy reliance on microtransactions, especially in the Ultimate Team mode. Players who do not wish to spend extra money can find themselves at a significant disadvantage, which can be frustrating and detracts from the game’s accessibility.

2. Steep Learning Curve: While the new gameplay mechanics are an improvement, they also come with a steep learning curve. Newcomers and even some returning players may find the controls and tactical options overwhelming at first, potentially leading to a frustrating initial experience.

3. Online Connectivity Issues: Consistent with previous releases, EA Sports FC 24 sometimes struggles with online connectivity issues. Players have reported lag and disconnections during matches, which can disrupt the competitive integrity and enjoyment of online play.

4. Incremental Improvements: Some critics and players have noted that despite the rebranding, many aspects of the game feel like incremental improvements rather than a complete overhaul. This has led to some disappointment among fans who expected a more revolutionary change from the transition to EA Sports FC.


EA Sports FC 24 is a commendable successor to the FIFA series, bringing impressive enhancements and a broader scope of football culture. However, it is not without its flaws, which include persistent microtransactions and occasional connectivity problems. Ultimately, EA Sports FC 24 will likely please longtime fans with its depth and new features, while also attracting newcomers with its stunning realism and expanded content. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a casual football fan, EA Sports FC 24 offers a comprehensive football experience worth exploring.

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