Doom Eternal Pros & Cons


1. Intense, Fast-Paced Combat: At the core of “DOOM Eternal” is its exhilarating combat system, which encourages an aggressive, forward-moving playstyle. The game’s “push-forward” combat philosophy rewards players for engaging enemies up close and personal, leading to heart-pumping, adrenaline-fueled encounters.

2. Strategic Depth: Far from a simple run-and-gun shooter, “DOOM Eternal” introduces layers of strategy to its combat. Players must constantly manage resources like health, armor, and ammo by executing specific types of kills, making each encounter a dynamic puzzle of resource management and tactical aggression.

3. Expansive World and Level Design: The game features diverse, intricately designed environments, from the fiery depths of Hell to the majestic ruins of ancient Earth cities. The level design promotes exploration and discovery, with numerous secrets and collectibles that reward players’ curiosity.

4. Enhanced Mobility: “DOOM Eternal” expands the Doom Slayer’s mobility with new mechanics like wall-climbing, dashing, and a grappling hook-equipped shotgun, allowing for more dynamic movement and combat tactics.

5. Robust Arsenal and Upgrades: The game offers a wide array of powerful weapons and mods, each with its own upgrade paths. This variety lets players tailor their playstyle and approach to combat, adding a satisfying sense of progression.


1. Steep Difficulty Curve: While the challenging nature of “DOOM Eternal” is by design, its steep difficulty curve, especially at higher difficulties, can be daunting for new players or those not accustomed to the series’ intensity.

2. Complex User Interface: Some players find the game’s UI to be overly complex and cluttered, potentially overwhelming those new to the franchise or the genre.

3. Platforming Sections: The inclusion of platforming elements has been divisive among players. While they add variety to gameplay and explore the game’s enhanced mobility, some find these sections frustrating and out of sync with the core combat experience.

4. Story Presentation: While “DOOM Eternal” seeks to expand the lore and narrative of the “DOOM” universe, some players feel that the storytelling can be heavy-handed, detracting from the game’s action-focused experience.

5. Multiplayer Component: The game’s multiplayer mode, “Battlemode,” has received mixed reviews. While it offers an interesting asymmetrical combat experience, some players miss the more traditional deathmatch-style multiplayer of past games.


“DOOM Eternal” stands as a testament to id Software’s ability to evolve and refine the first-person shooter genre, offering a game that is both relentlessly challenging and immensely rewarding. Its strategic depth, combined with high-octane combat and expansive world-building, makes it a must-play for fans of the genre. However, its steep difficulty curve, complex UI, and divisive platforming elements may not appeal to everyone. Ultimately, “DOOM Eternal” is a game that demands much from its players but offers ample exhilaration and satisfaction in return.

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