Devil May Cry 5 Pros & Cons


1. Stylish and Fluid Combat Devil May Cry 5 is revered for its fast-paced, highly stylized combat system. Players can enjoy seamless action with three distinct characters—Dante, Nero, and V—each offering a unique fighting style. Nero wields his Red Queen sword and a variety of Devil Breaker arms, Dante boasts his eclectic arsenal of weapons, and V controls creatures to fight from a distance, adding strategic diversity to the battles.

2. Impressive Graphics and Design Graphically, the game is a powerhouse. Utilizing the RE Engine, the same technology behind Capcom’s Resident Evil titles, Devil May Cry 5 features detailed character models, dynamic lighting, and destructible environments that enhance the visual appeal and immersion of the game.

3. Engaging Storyline The narrative of Devil May Cry 5 is both engaging and coherent, tying together the personal histories and destinies of its protagonists with a compelling plot that drives the demon-slaying action. This installment does a commendable job of integrating new characters into the series’ lore while advancing the overarching storyline.

4. High Replay Value With multiple difficulty levels, secret missions, and a variety of character-specific skills to master, the game encourages replayability. The ranking system on each mission pushes players to improve their combat skills, striving for that alluring ‘S’ rank.


1. V’s Combat Can Feel Detached While Nero and Dante’s gameplay is often direct and gratifying, V’s style, which relies on controlling pets to do the fighting, can sometimes feel less engaging. Some players find this indirect method of combat a bit detached, as it lacks the visceral impact of direct melee combat.

2. Short Campaign Some players may find the game’s main campaign a bit on the shorter side, particularly if they are adept at action games. Although the replay value is high, the initial run-through can be quicker than expected.

3. Microtransactions Devil May Cry 5 includes optional microtransactions that allow players to purchase Red Orbs to upgrade characters faster. While not necessary to enjoy or complete the game, their presence is a point of contention for players who prefer not to see such elements in a full-priced game.

4. Inconsistent Pacing Some parts of the game, especially certain levels and enemy encounters, can feel unevenly paced compared to others. This sometimes affects the overall flow and can momentarily pull players out of the experience.


Devil May Cry 5 is a standout title in the action genre, celebrated for its exhilarating combat, stunning visuals, and engaging story. However, its few flaws—particularly regarding one character’s combat style and the game’s pacing—might be detracting for some players. Nonetheless, for fans of high-octane action and the series’ signature style, it remains a highly recommended and satisfying experience.

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