Deceit 2 Last Update

Deceit 2 recently received a significant update, introducing several enhancements to the game. This update, which was eagerly anticipated by the community, brought a range of improvements and new features, including:

  • Gameplay Balance: Adjustments were made to ensure a more balanced experience for players, with specific changes to items, the mutation system, and task reworks. This includes making items sold by the Peddler more randomized and disabling certain items in smaller games to maintain balance.
  • UI and Graphics Overhaul: The update included a major revamp of the user interface and graphics, aimed at providing a more modern and cleaner aesthetic. New screens and additional scenes were added to enhance immersion in the game, both before and after matches.
  • Christmas Event: Alongside the update, a Christmas event was introduced, turning the gameplay experience into a “festive nightmare”. During the event, players could collect Holiday “Cheer” to exchange for exclusive rewards, adding a seasonal twist to the game’s social deduction dynamics.

For more details on the update, you can check the official announcements on Steam and coverage by gaming websites like

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