Dead by Daylight Pros & Cons

It looks like I encountered some issues accessing detailed reviews for “Dead by Daylight” to provide a comprehensive list of pros and cons. However, I can still offer a general overview based on what’s commonly discussed within the gaming community and my understanding of the game.

“Dead by Daylight” Overview

“Dead by Daylight” is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game developed by Behaviour Interactive. In the game, one player takes on the role of a killer, while four others play as survivors trying to escape the killer and avoid being caught. The game is set in various eerie environments that add to the suspense and horror atmosphere.


  1. Unique Asymmetrical Gameplay: The 4v1 format offers a unique experience from both the killer’s and survivors’ perspectives, providing varied gameplay and strategies.
  2. Diverse Characters: Both killers and survivors have a wide range of characters to choose from, each with their unique abilities, perks, and backstories, adding depth to the game.
  3. Dynamic Environments: The procedurally generated maps ensure that no two games are exactly the same, keeping the gameplay fresh and unpredictable.
  4. Thrilling Horror Atmosphere: The game does an excellent job of creating a tense atmosphere that keeps players on edge, true to its horror genre.
  5. Regular Updates and Expansions: Behaviour Interactive frequently updates the game, adding new killers, survivors, and maps, as well as balancing changes to keep the gameplay fair and engaging.


  1. Learning Curve: New players might find the game challenging to get into, with the need to learn different characters’ abilities and effective strategies for survival or hunting.
  2. Matchmaking Issues: Players have reported issues with matchmaking, such as long wait times and unbalanced matches.
  3. Server Stability and Bugs: Like many multiplayer games, “Dead by Daylight” can suffer from server issues and bugs that affect gameplay quality.
  4. Toxic Community Elements: As with many competitive online games, the community can sometimes be toxic, which might detract from the overall experience for some players.
  5. DLCs and Microtransactions: While frequent updates are generally positive, some players might be turned off by the number of DLCs and microtransactions for new characters and cosmetics.

Despite some of these drawbacks, “Dead by Daylight” remains a popular and highly regarded game in the horror genre for its intense, immersive experience and innovative gameplay.

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