Control Pros & Cons

Pros of “Control”

  1. Innovative Storytelling and Setting: “Control” stands out for its compelling narrative and setting. The FBC’s headquarters, known as the Oldest House, is a constantly evolving labyrinth filled with secrets and supernatural occurrences. The story is deeply immersive, with a rich backstory accessible through various documents and recordings scattered throughout the game.
  2. Unique Visual and Artistic Design: The game features a distinctive brutalist architecture, which not only adds to the eerie atmosphere but also reflects the game’s themes of control and containment. The visual effects, especially during combat and when using supernatural abilities, are spectacular and enhance the overall aesthetic.
  3. Dynamic Combat System: The gameplay in “Control” is a blend of traditional shooting with psychokinetic powers. Players can levitate, throw objects, and manipulate their environment, which makes for dynamic and exhilarating combat scenarios. This system allows for creative freedom in how battles are approached.
  4. Strong Character Development: The protagonist, Jesse Faden, undergoes significant development throughout the game. Her journey to find her brother and uncover the secrets of the Oldest House is both personal and engaging. The supporting characters are also well-developed, adding depth to the story.

Cons of “Control”

  1. Performance Issues: At launch, “Control” faced performance issues on various platforms, particularly on the older generation consoles. Players reported frame rate drops and slow load times, which could detract from the gaming experience.
  2. Complexity and Confusion: While the intricate plot and the vast amount of lore can be a draw for some players, others may find the narrative confusing. The game requires significant investment to piece together its story from scattered clues, which might not appeal to everyone.
  3. Repetitive Gameplay Elements: Some players have noted that despite the innovative combat system, the gameplay can become repetitive. The majority of the game involves navigating similar-looking corridors and combating similar types of enemies, which might reduce engagement over time.
  4. Limited Enemy Variety: Although the combat is enhanced by Jesse’s powers, the enemy types in “Control” are somewhat limited. This lack of variety can make combat feel less challenging and monotonous as the game progresses.


“Control” is a testament to Remedy Entertainment’s ability to craft unique narratives and engaging gameplay. It offers a fresh take on the action-adventure genre with its supernatural elements and compelling story. However, the game is not without its flaws, including technical issues and potential for gameplay monotony. Despite these drawbacks, “Control” remains a standout game that offers a memorable experience for those who appreciate its depth and complexity.


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