Blasphemous 2 Pros & Cons


  1. Improved Storytelling and Lore: The narrative of Blasphemous 2 picks up from the previous installment, focusing on the return of the deity known as The Miracle. The storytelling remains deep and engaging, offering lore that is as intricate and inscrutable as ever, rewarding players who delve into its depths​​.
  2. Enhanced Combat and Weapon Variety: The sequel introduces a selection of starting weapons, each with unique strengths, weaknesses, and skill trees, enriching the combat experience. The diversity in weaponry and the introduction of skill trees contribute to a more dynamic combat system, encouraging strategic thinking in battles​​.
  3. Challenging Boss Fights: Boss battles remain a standout feature, presenting a variety of challenging foes that require careful strategy and timing to defeat. The game maintains its tradition of intense and engaging boss encounters​​.
  4. Polished Visuals: Blasphemous 2 boasts improved cutscenes with beautiful animation and detailed depictions of the game’s world, thanks to the work of Sunshine Animation Studio. The overall polish and visual improvements enhance the gaming experience​​.
  5. Expanded Customization: The game broadens the customization options available to players, with a focus on building a distinct playstyle through the use of rosary beads, prayers, and the new Favours system, which provides powerful benefits and encourages experimentation​​.


  1. Sanitized Aesthetic: Some may find that the game’s cleaner and more polished visual style detracts from the gritty and grotesque aesthetic established in the original Blasphemous, potentially undermining its dark and haunting atmosphere​​.
  2. Enemy Variety and Boss Design: While the game reintroduces familiar enemies, providing a sense of nostalgia, it also relies heavily on recolors and similar mechanics for new foes, which can lead to a feeling of repetition. Additionally, some bosses may lack the mechanical depth and memorable design of their predecessors, making certain encounters feel less impactful​​.
  3. Reduced Difficulty: Players looking for the punishing challenge of the original may find Blasphemous 2 somewhat easier, with many foes requiring only a few attempts to overcome. This reduced difficulty might not align with the series’ ethos of facing daunting odds in a corrupt world​​.
  4. Weapon Balance Issues: Despite the introduction of diverse weaponry, the balance between them can be skewed. For example, the effectiveness of one weapon might overshadow the others, reducing the incentive to switch between them and explore different combat styles​​.
  5. Platforming Improvements Needed: Although the sequel attempts to address complaints about platforming from the first game, there is still room for improvement to make traversal and exploration more engaging and less frustrating​​.

In summary, Blasphemous 2 builds on the strengths of its predecessor with enhanced storytelling, combat, and customization. However, it faces challenges in maintaining the original’s dark aesthetic, ensuring enemy variety, balancing difficulty, and refining platforming mechanics. These aspects shape the overall experience, offering both rewarding highs and areas ripe for improvement.

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