Assassin’s Creed Mirage Pros 7 Cons

Pros of “Assassin’s Creed Mirage”

  1. Enhanced Stealth Mechanics: At its core, “Mirage” revives the stealth gameplay that fans of the series have often reminisced about. The game refines sneaking, hiding, and striking from the shadows, offering a more tactical and rewarding experience.
  2. Rich Historical Setting: The depiction of 9th-century Baghdad is both vibrant and immersive. Ubisoft has meticulously crafted the city’s architecture, culture, and atmosphere, providing a compelling backdrop that is both educational and enthralling.
  3. Focused Narrative: Unlike some of its predecessors, “Mirage” concentrates on a tighter, more cohesive story. Focusing on Basim’s journey provides a more intimate connection to the character, enhancing the narrative depth and emotional investment.
  4. Streamlined Gameplay: Stripping back some of the RPG elements that have crept into recent entries, “Mirage” opts for a more straightforward approach that prioritizes action and adventure, making it accessible to newcomers and series veterans alike.

Cons of “Assassin’s Creed Mirage”

  1. Lack of Innovation: While the return to stealth is welcome, some critics argue that “Mirage” doesn’t introduce enough new gameplay elements to feel fresh. The game might seem like a step back rather than forward for those looking for innovation.
  2. Shorter Length: With a focus on a more concise story, “Mirage” is notably shorter than its expansive RPG-infused predecessors. This might disappoint players who prefer the sprawling epics of recent titles.
  3. Limited RPG Elements: The reduction of RPG mechanics, such as gear and skill customization, could be a downside for players who enjoyed building and personalizing their characters in-depth.
  4. Technical Issues: As with many large-scale games at launch, “Mirage” has faced its share of bugs and glitches, which can detract from the immersive experience intended by the developers.


“Assassin’s Creed Mirage” offers a nostalgic return to the elements that originally defined the series, enhanced by modern technology and storytelling techniques. Its focus on stealth and historical immersion is a significant draw, providing a solid foundation for both longtime fans and newcomers. However, its shorter duration and conservative approach to innovation may not satisfy all players. Ultimately, “Mirage” stands as a testament to Ubisoft’s ability to honor its roots while still appealing to the evolving tastes of its audience.

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