Art Of Rally Pros & Cons

Pros of Art of Rally

1. Visual Aesthetics: “Art of Rally” boasts a minimalist yet captivating art style that differentiates it from other games in the racing genre. Its top-down perspective, combined with vibrant color palettes and simplified geometric designs, captures the essence of rally racing without the need for hyper-realistic graphics. This stylistic choice not only gives the game a timeless appeal but also ensures that it can run smoothly on less powerful systems.

2. Extensive Track Selection: The game offers a wide variety of tracks spread across multiple countries, including Finland, Sardinia, Norway, Japan, and Germany. Each location is beautifully rendered and features weather and time variations, adding depth and challenge to the racing experience. The diversity in tracks keeps the gameplay engaging and provides a good balance of difficulty levels.

3. Immersive Soundtrack: The soundtrack of “Art of Rally” is thoughtfully curated to enhance the nostalgic feel of the game. The music tracks range from soothing to energizing, syncing perfectly with the racing dynamics and the visual elements of the game. This harmonious blend enriches the overall experience and pulls players deeper into the retro rally world.

4. Historical Narrative: The game includes a mode called “Rally History,” which offers players an opportunity to experience the evolution of rally racing through various historical scenarios. This not only serves as an educational tool but also adds a layer of authenticity and appreciation for the sport’s heritage.

Cons of Art of Rally

1. Control Learning Curve: While the game’s controls are designed to be simple, mastering them can be challenging, especially for those new to rally games or top-down racers. The physics and handling of the cars require a bit of practice to get used to, which might be a turn-off for players looking for an easy pick-up-and-play experience.

2. Limited Multiplayer Options: One significant drawback of “Art of Rally” is the lack of robust multiplayer options. The game primarily focuses on single-player modes, and while there is a global leaderboard for competitive tracking, the absence of direct multiplayer racing may be disappointing for those who enjoy racing against friends or online opponents.

3. Repetitive Elements: For some players, the game’s minimalist style might translate to a lack of variety in car models and track environments over extended play. While the tracks are visually distinct, the actual racing experience can feel repetitive after many hours of gameplay, with limited car customization and progression systems.

4. No Damage Model: The game does not feature a car damage model, which might detract from the realism sought by some rally game enthusiasts. The absence of visual and performance impacts from crashes makes the consequences of risky maneuvers less severe, potentially reducing the strategic aspect of rally racing.


“Art of Rally” is a beautifully crafted homage to the history of rally racing, offering a refreshing take on the genre with its artistic style and thoughtful gameplay design. While it may have its drawbacks, such as a steep learning curve and limited multiplayer options, the game undoubtedly provides a satisfying experience for those who appreciate a more stylized, historical approach to racing games. Whether you’re a rally enthusiast or a gamer looking to try something new, “Art of Rally” is worth checking out

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