An Explanation Of Auto battler Game

An auto battler, also known as an auto chess game, is a genre of strategy video games that blend elements of chess with multiplayer online battle arena mechanics. In an auto battler, players typically compete against seven other players in matches that consist of multiple rounds. The core gameplay involves drafting units, arranging them on a board-like field, and then watching them fight automatically against opponents’ units based on predefined behaviors and strategies.

Players do not control units during battles but must strategically choose and place them to optimize their interactions and combat efficiency. Between rounds, players can upgrade their characters and reposition them based on their evolving strategy or to counter opponents’ moves. Success in auto battlers relies heavily on decision-making skills, adaptability, and a bit of luck, as random elements such as the selection of available units can significantly influence the outcome.

The genre gained popularity with the rise of “Dota Auto Chess” in early 2019, a mod for the game “Dota 2.” This sparked a new trend in gaming, leading to standalone versions and adaptations by major game studios, including “Teamfight Tactics” by Riot Games and “Dota Underlords” by Valve. Auto battlers are celebrated for their depth and replayability, appealing to both casual and competitive gamers.


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