An Expanalation Of Auto Battler Game

An auto battler game, also known as an auto chess game, is a genre of strategy game that features automated, chess-like battles between player-curated teams. Players typically select from a roster of characters or units, each with unique abilities and traits, and place them on a grid-based battlefield. The core of the gameplay revolves around strategic decisions made before the battle begins, rather than direct control during the combat.

Once the battle starts, all actions are automated, with units fighting according to predefined behaviors and the placement set by the player. The strategic depth of auto battlers comes from choosing the right combination of units, positioning them effectively, and managing resources and upgrades between rounds. Players often face off against either AI opponents or other players in matches, aiming to be the last one standing by the end of multiple rounds of combat.

Popularized by mods such as “Dota Auto Chess,” the genre has since seen various standalone titles, including “Teamfight Tactics” by Riot Games and “Dota Underlords” by Valve. These games blend elements of strategy, RPGs, and card games, offering a uniquely engaging and competitive gaming experience.

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