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Outlast Trials Pros & Cons

Pros of “The Outlast Trials”

  1. Cooperative Gameplay: A standout feature of The Outlast Trials is its cooperative gameplay mode. Players can team up with friends or online allies, which adds a strategic layer to the horror experience. This element not only enhances the social aspect of the game but also allows for shared problem-solving and tactics, making terrifying situations a bit more manageable.
  2. Immersive Horror Experience: True to the Outlast series, The Outlast Trials excels in delivering a deeply immersive horror atmosphere. The game’s setting, a cold and foreboding series of experimental facilities during the Cold War, provides a rich backdrop for the psychological horror that unfolds. Enhanced by high-quality graphics and sound design, the environment keeps players on edge throughout the game.
  3. Enhanced Replayability: The cooperative element combined with multiple pathways and choices enhances the game’s replayability. Players can return to the game to explore different strategies and outcomes, which adds to its long-term appeal.
  4. Strong Narrative: The game continues the series’ tradition of weaving complex narratives. The storyline of The Outlast Trials is engaging, filled with twists and rich lore that fans of the series and new players alike will appreciate.

Cons of “The Outlast Trials”

  1. Steep Learning Curve: For newcomers, the game can be quite challenging. The steep learning curve, combined with the inherent difficulty of horror survival games, might deter those who are less familiar with the genre or the series.
  2. Performance Issues: Some players have reported technical issues, such as bugs and glitches, which can disrupt gameplay and immersion. These technical difficulties can be particularly jarring in a game that relies so heavily on atmosphere and tension.
  3. Potentially Overwhelming Horror Elements: The intensity of the horror elements in The Outlast Trials might not be for everyone. The game often pushes the boundaries of horror, which could be too intense or distressing for players who prefer less gruesome content.
  4. Limited Combat Options: Consistent with the series, The Outlast Trials limits direct combat options, focusing instead on evasion and stealth. While this design choice enhances the feeling of vulnerability and horror, it can frustrate players who prefer more action-oriented gameplay.


The Outlast Trials offers a unique blend of cooperative gameplay and horror, setting it apart from many games in the genre. Its immersive narrative and setting are likely to be a hit among horror enthusiasts, though the intense atmosphere and technical issues may not appeal to everyone. Overall, the game is a solid continuation of the Outlast series, expanding on its universe in new and interesting ways while maintaining the bone-chilling horror that fans expect.

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