Action Horror

A Description Of The Midnight Ghost Hunt

“Midnight Ghost Hunt” is a vibrant and engaging multiplayer game that offers a unique twist on the classic hide-and-seek format, blending elements of comedy, horror, and tactical gameplay. Developed by Vaulted Sky Games and published by Coffee Stain Publishing, this game sets players in various cursed locations where they can choose to be either ghosts or hunters in a thrilling 4v4 showdown. As ghosts, players possess everyday objects to avoid detection and use the environment to their advantage, turning the mundane into the menacing with telekinetic powers. When the clock strikes midnight, the game’s dynamics shift dramatically, with ghosts becoming more powerful and turning the tables on the hunters. Hunters, on the other hand, come equipped with an arsenal of ghost-busting technology, from spectral cannons to salt-spewing shotguns, each designed to detect, trap, and eliminate ghostly presences. “Midnight Ghost Hunt” offers a diverse range of maps, from abandoned theaters to cursed pirate ships, each providing unique tactical challenges and opportunities for both ghosts and hunters. This game is a thrilling test of strategy, teamwork, and cunning, offering endless entertainment for those who dare to enter its haunted realms​

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