A Description Of The Flock Game

“Flock!” is an innovative puzzle game developed by Proper Games and published by Capcom, which was released in 2009. Set in an engaging and whimsically styled world, “Flock!” tasks players with herding various types of animals including sheep, cows, pigs, and chickens to a UFO for abduction. Players control a UFO, which they use to manipulate the environment and guide the animals to their destination.

The game stands out for its unique gameplay mechanics that revolve around using the UFO’s abilities to influence the animals’ movements. For instance, the UFO can create crop circles or scare the animals to move them in a certain direction. The puzzles become progressively more challenging as players must navigate through different terrains, avoid obstacles, and deal with various animal behaviors that can affect the herding process.

“Flock!” features both single-player and cooperative multiplayer modes, where players can work together to solve the puzzles. The game is recognized for its colorful and charming graphics, humorous style, and the creative problem-solving it encourages. With its lighthearted approach and original concept, “Flock!” offers a refreshing take on the puzzle genre, providing entertainment for a wide range of players.

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