2024 Best Football Games

In 2024, a variety of football games across different platforms are highlighted for their unique features and gameplay experiences. For PC gamers, titles such as “Football Drama,” “Rocket League,” and “Football Manager 24” offer a mix of strategy, action, and managerial depth, catering to different tastes within the football game genre​​.

Console players have a rich selection as well, with “FC 24” leading the pack due to its authenticity and extensive roster across numerous real clubs. “Football Manager 2024” provides a deep dive into football management, and “eFootball” offers a free-to-play model with evolving live service elements. “Rocket League,” known for its high-paced action combining football with vehicular mayhem, continues to be a favorite among players looking for an unconventional football experience​​.

For those inclined towards mobile and Switch platforms, “FIFA series,” “EA Sports FC 24,” and “Rocket League” are among the recommended titles, each offering unique gameplay experiences, from traditional football simulation to more arcade-style, fast-paced action​​.

Each of these games brings something different to the table, whether it’s the managerial depth of “Football Manager 2024,” the high-speed action of “Rocket League,” or the authentic football simulation of “FC 24.” Depending on your preferences for gameplay style, platform, and football experience, these titles are among the best football games to consider in 2024.

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